Randomly killing another player (including using a vehicle) without any intent to or type of interaction/RP (talking in game via voice chat, using /twt, etc.) with them prior to killing them. This also means dont kill people for small reasons.

No Modding

This includes cheat engine, menus, or using server/client bugs for financial gain. If you find an exploit/bug please report it. Anything gained from the use of mods/cheating/exploits/bugs will be removed from your character.

Fear RP

Fear-RP means that your character must fear for their life if theyre in immediate danger. For example if someone is holding you up at gunpoint, you arent gonna risk punching your way out, however if the threat is gone i.e, weapon is lowered you can retaliate.

No Metagaming

You cant gather information through out-of-character information not available to you in game. This includes : Stream Sniping, Having IC conversations in OOC, arranging to meet in OOC. If you are in a discord call with friends, this should be rp'ed as a phone call in-game.

New Life Rule

If you die or are pronounced dead by Fire/EMS you are not to return to the RP scene, remember who killed you or how you died, hold any grudges against the person who killed you. Police can come back to the scene after being rolled on by Fire/EMS, to simulate IRL officer counts.


Anything not realistically possible or that ruins the RP experience, for example unrealistic jumps that would result in your death, cop baiting i.e trying to run into cops while breaking the law. Not valuing your vehicle, continuing to the same exact RP situation one after the other.

Our community Motto

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