• Fresh Life Gaming Server and Discord Rules

    Failure to follow these rules can and will lead to disciplinary action up to and including: verbal warning, kick from server with warning, temporary ban from server, permanent ban from server, suspension and/or removal from departments, and blacklisted from departments.

    Server Rules

    1. No RDM(Random Death Match) - randomly killing another player without any intent to or type of interaction/RP (talking in game via voice chat, using /twt, etc.) with them immediately prior to killing them. This includes: a minor traffic accident, being pulled over and your character does NOT have a warrant out against them, players who have complied with your demands.
    2. No VDM(Vehicle Deathmatch) - using a vehicle to kill/hurt another player or damage their vehicle without any intent to or type of interaction/RP (talking in game via voice chat, using /twt, etc.) with them immediately prior to running them over or hitting their vehicle. This includes: hitting people and/or vehicles while driving for no valid reason leaving a trail of disabled cars behind you. Police are only allowed to strike another vehicle when performing a P.I.T.
    3. No modding, using/abusing exploits or bugs - This includes cheat engine, menus, or using server/client bugs for financial gain. If you find an exploit/bug please report it. Anything gained from the use of mods/cheating/exploits/bugs will be removed from your character.
    4. FearRP. You must follow fear RP when fear RP applies.This means that your character must fear for their life if they are in immediate danger. This includes: If you are being held up at gunpoint you cannot punch your way out of it like you’re Jason Bourne. However, if the weapon is lowered you can retaliate against the attacker once the threat to your life is no longer present.
    5. No metagaming - gathering in character information through out of character means, or using out-of-character information that is not available to you from in game. This includes: stream sniping, having conversations OOC, arranging to meet OOC.
    6. New life rule - if you die or are pronounced dead by Fire/EMS you are to forget everything that caused your demise. You are not to return to the RP scene, remember who killed you or how you died, hold any grudges against the person who killed you, do not spam /twt or OOC to ask for medics for a revive or tell them how to do their job. ALSO cops are ALLOWED to come back IF they are called back. (Due to not able to mimic IRL officer counts)
    7. FailRP - unrealistic actions that ruin the RP experience. This includes: unrealistic jumps from buildings/mountains that would result in your death, cop baiting or purposely trying to get the cops to catch you breaking the law (drifting/doing burn out in front of a cop, repeatedly running on traffic stops for no reason), not valuing your vehicle (taking a supercar off-roading, flipping your vehicle several times and getting out to run away like nothing happened), recklessly putting your life at risk (running into a shootout or just playing around with a friend and punching each other out.), intentionally interrupting another RP for no reason or intent to RP, “trolling” in general. If you continue to do the same RP over and over and over (Examples; robbery, kidnapping cops or civs, etc.)
    8. No combat logging - players are not allowed to disconnect from a RP or combat situation in progress. If your game crashes you must immediately go to the discord and put “I crashed” and reconnect to the server ASAP. Inform the parties involved what happened and ask if they would like to continue the scene when you log back in. Additionally, if you were involved in an RP where you committed a crime where another player(s) was a victim, you must wait at least five minutes after the scene is complete to log out. For example, you can’t log out immediately after losing the police in a chase after you killed another player in an RP.
    9. No hitman RP-This includes putting a hit out on another player.
    10. Do not give out hidden locations in game chat, message members on discord about them, or attempt to sell them. Use RP to find them in game.
    11. Fire/EMS are off limits for killing/kidnapping.
    12. You MUST have a working mic.
    13. No racism or bigotry - The “n” word is not allowed in any form. Any transphobic, homophobic, pedophilic RP/remarks or any other related chat or voice chat in- or out-of-character is not tolerated. 
    14. In-Character (IC) - talking in voice chat, game text chat using /twt, /anontwt, /me, /do is all in character RP and conversation. This should make up 99% of your communication as well as the in game phone. When using /me and /do these are factual statements and are not used to lie when asked questions by other players or police. For example: Cop: /me checks security camera, was suspect clearing out the safe? You must respond truthfully with the appropriate /me was clearly seen emptying out safe if you were actually involved in the robbery. 
    15. Out-Of-Character (OOC) - talking in voice chat, game text chat using /ooc, /looc, /help, and /report are all out-of-character communication. Use /help to ask questions about gameplay. Use /report to inform staff of rule breaking. Use /ooc for serverwide out-of-character questions and /looc for out-of-character questions among the people to your RP area.The use of any OOC chat should be used as sparingly as possible.Do not ask for a revive from staff, if EMS is on, if/how many cops are on. 
    16. No powergaming - roleplaying something unrealistic or forcing RP on other players.Forceful server commands are excluded such as police cuffing a suspect. Using  /me breaks cuffs or /me makes cops stop cuffing me to force the RP is unrealistic.
    17. English must be spoken at all times.

    1. Use of flying aircraft as a weapon (RDM/VDM) will result in a permanent ban.
    2. RP of a plane crash is allowed with prior admin, super admin, or owner permission.
    3. Aircraft cannot be used to aid in the robbery of a bank or store.

    1. A robbery performed at a bank or store will require all members to remain on the immediate grounds of that area during the entire event (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A SPOTTER WHO CANNOT INTERFERE IN ANY WAY!) Robbers on the grounds of the immediate area of the bank/store can be outside, behind cars in a crouched position and open fire on responding LEO
    2. The “spotter” may not be directly involved with the scene, may not be on the immediate grounds, no weapons, no vehicles, no interactions with police unless initiated by an officer. 
    3. LEO may not shoot at suspects until all options to negotiate have been exhausted and demands cannot be met or a peaceful solution is off the table (IF THEY SHOOT 1ST NEGOTIATIONS ARE OFF!)
    4. Helicopters/airplanes cannot be used at the scene of a robbery, police using air one is the only exception. 
    5. Do not drive any vehicle into the building you are robbing/doing illegal activity in.
    6. No fake hostages are to be used in a robbery. Any hostage used must be a player that has not become a hostage on purpose/associated with the robbery.

    1. You must register your gang on the forum. Once your gang is registered and approved, the members will be given a gang tag in discord. 
    2. Your gang must consist of at least 3 people. Include: the chain of command (that staff can go to should there be any issues arise), the clothing color and style (strictly enforced), any particular type of vehicles used, the area the gang is claiming or working out of.
    3. RDM/VDM still applies, as the leader of the gang you will be warned if your gang steps outside of the rules. You as the leader are 100% responsible for the actions of your gang.
    4. No ambush killings. If you are going to "kill" someone it must be in an RP scenario (kidnapping, luring them to a known gang location talking and it going wrong, gang initiation.) Fill out a ticket in discord for gang kills and initiations. It must include everyone who is involved in the RP, the location, any vehicles/weapons. 
    5. Gangs may not own any other property other than the ones bought from real estate, no job locations included.
    6. You may NOT own an in game job UNLESS it is designated to them.

    1. Only weapons received from a store, job, crafted, or black market are allowed to be used.
    2. No random pulling large weapons, shotguns, rifles out of nowhere. RP it out and use the proper /me or /do action.

    Criminal activities / Civilian Activities
    See “Robberies”
    See “Weapons”
    1.  No rp at any pd unless you are a lawyer or making a police report, no rp at any hospital unless you are being treated by medics. They are considered safe zones/no rp areas
    2. Police helicopter must be given 3 warning shots, 5 seconds between shots. If the pilot does not leave the scene after warnings, then you may shoot.
    3. Do not argue with or disrespect any staff or owners. If there is an in game issue create a ticket, if there is an issue with staff or LEO make a complaint on the forums.
    4. Do not cause drama.
    5. /ooc and /twt are not to be used to chat, complain, argue or spam. You may use OOC to ask 1 or 2 questions within 30 minutes, anymore and it can be considered spam. Use Discord or ingame phone to text each other.
    6. Do not go out-of-character during a role play. If you feel something is incorrect or wrong, complete the scene and deal with it via /report, one-on-one, or create a ticket and/or complaint.
    7. When Fire/EMS arrives on scene and “revive” you, you are NOT free to go, the scene is not over. You are to ride with EMS to the hospital to be healed and complete the scene. Do not argue with Fire/EMS or tell them how to do their job.
    8. DO NOT ask to become a moderator or admin.
    9. No speaking while “dead” this includes in-game chat (unless EMS or PD cannot locate your body.)
    10. No impersonation of police or Fire/EMS. 
    11. No impersonation of staff or owners.
    12. No impersonation of well known YouTubers or Twitch Streamers.
    13. No matter what, illegal weapons are ILLEGAL meaning a officer can arrest you.
    14. There will be NO RP in a non-consensual sexual nature (If you don't feel comfortable with a situation, speak up.)

    Law Enforcement
    MIRANDA RIGHTS ARE TO BE READ ONLY WHEN A SUSPECT HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR A SERIOUS CRIME AND IS GOING TO BE QUESTIONED! (I.E. ROBBERIES, MURDERS ETC.) If so read them their rights BEFORE transporting unless the suspect is placed under arrest at PD after an investigation is complete.
    1. All LEO, Fire/EMS, Dispatch, and Tow must be in comms (TeamSpeak or discord if TS is down) while on duty. 
    2. You MUST have a working mic.
    3. Maintain strict RTO or risk removal from Comms, loss of rank or other disciplinary actions. Do NOT jump into Police Comms as a Civ. Do not jump into Civ Comms while on duty. 
    4. No corrupt LEO RP unless given permission by owners/admins and must provide details of planned RP scenario.
    5. Do not abuse jail times or fines.
    6. Only confiscate weapons, drugs, dirty money, weapons/hunting/drivers license as related to the crime. DO NOT confiscate clean money, food, water, repair kits, med kits, etc.
    7. Always be in correct uniform, correct weapon load out, drive the correct vehicle in the correct configuration. See your department roster. No unauthorized modifications to police vehicles.
    8. Obey traffic laws at all times, unless responding to a scene and you are operating your cruiser at CODE 2 or 3.
    9. Respect other departments and all citizens of San Andreas.Safety of our citizens is your number one priority.
    10. Respect requests from superior officers, across all departments.
    11. Always search a suspect AFTER they have been detained and prior to placing them in your vehicle.
    12. ALWAYS request permission before attempting a P.I.T. maneuver.
    13. NO racism, bigotry, or prejudice, bullying will be tolerated, instant termination from department, and ban from server.
    14. Always attempt to negotiate with a suspect.
    15. Never shoot a suspect from outside the building unless the suspect has fired first or has pointed a weapon. Always attempt to negotiate before discharging a weapon.
    16. SWAT will serve as negotiator unless given other instructions.
    17. Do not attempt to breach until SWAT has arrived. SWAT will always be scene commander unless not on duty. Then highest rank or first department on scene will be in control.
    18. Lying about age will result in a permanent ban.
    19. You must wait 30 days before requesting a transfer to another department.
    20.In certain situations officers may leave jurisdiction:
    a. Minimal officers staffed for a particular department. Ex: LSPD has 6 officers, Sheriff as 1
    b. Multiple officers down at a scene.
    c. Signal 100 as designated by dispatch or department superior.
    d. Single officer down in one location and officers from jurisdiction are close.
    e. Dispatch may attach officers from another jurisdiction to a call if needed.
    21. Only certificated SWAT officers may discharge a weapon from a moving vehicle.
    22. Only certificated SWAT officers can use/carry shields in the trunk of their cruiser.
    23. Only certificated SWAT in SWAT gear can use/throw tear or BZ gas.
    24. SWAT are the only ones allowed to use silencers.
    25. Shooting unarmed/complying suspects, especially when they are in the process of giving up, will result in suspension. 
    26. Repeated observations/reports of being overly aggressive with a suspect or a suspect’s vehicle will result in suspension from the department.
    27. All LEO’s must use the CAD to run names and vehicles.-- F6 can still be used for in game ID and vehicle information (i.e they are refusing to give it to you and you have to search them for their wallet, they refuse to tell you if they own the vehicle)
    28. You are to keep all long guns (ie. ARs, MP5s, shotguns) in your car unless you are using it for a scene (you can use /rack and civs can't get in your trunks.)
    29. You CAN NOT be drunk/high in or out of game on duty.
    30. Do not use thermals to look through a building/yacht/ground.

    Store Rules
    1. You CANNOT put illegal weapons in your store or illegal items! You must do "under the table" deals where you meet each other to sell.

    At any time, and without notice, these rules can be updated and/or changed.
    Many of the rules listed above can be carried over and apply to discord.

    Discord Rules

    1. No slander, bullying, discrimination of any kind or harassment.
    2. No racist, sexist, pedophilia or bigoted chat, links, pictures or video - no warnings, permanent ban.
    3. You MUST have a working mic.
    4. Do not cause or participate in drama.
    5. Use voice channels for their intended purpose.
    6. Post related subject matter in the correct chat channels.
    7. No advertising other discord servers, FiveM servers, pornography, violence, pedophilia.
    8. Keep RTO( Radio Transmission Only) Failure to abide by this can result in removal from your department for a minimum 24 hours.
    9. Fire/EMS/LEO, Dispatch, Tow must be in radio comms while on duty.
    10. Under no circumstances may a civilian join Fire/EMS/LEO comms.
    11. Under no circumstances may Fire/EMS/LEO join civilian Comms, nor may a Civ player join Police Comms.
    12. Do not discuss bans or kicks in Discord please go to the forum and request an unban appeal.
    13. Do not discuss application status or rank requests.
    14. Do not apply to more than one department unless specified by a staff member.
    15. Do not ask for players to be kicked so you can join the server.
    16. Do not speak about roles.
    17. Do not tag staff under any circumstances, if you need assistance, create a ticket. Staff are junior mods, mods, developer, admins, co-owner, owner.
    18. Do not use @ everyone or @ here unless you are a developer, moderator, admin, owner.
    19. When dealing with an in-game problem please use the following protocol if you have an issue, comment, concern: create a ticket, if no response within 48 hours ask a Moderator, then Admin.
    20. When dealing with an in-game/discord issue please use the following protocol when asking staff for help: Trial Moderator-->Moderator-->Senior Moderator-->Admin-->Super Admin-->Owner. If you do not start with a Junior Moderator first or try to bypass by going straight to a Super Admin/Owner you will be directed straight to a Junior Moderator for your issue.
    21. Always check #before-you-ask for updated information.
    22. English is to be spoken at all times.