Why Donate?

Every dollar donated gets put back right into the server meaning that donating is helping keep the server up and running.

Note: All donations are FINAL. Meaning you will NOT get refund your donation.

Every single dollar that is received will be spent on the community/server.

We are a non-profit server.


IP.Board Donations by DevFuse
  • Donation Stats

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    $48.25 of $465.32
    MC Shea G MMO Radio
    Latest Donation
    MC Shea G MMO Radio
    10/28/2020 · $48.25
  • Donation Goals

    Server Payment for 11/11/2020

    This goal is to keep the server going 3 more month (per payment). 

    The server box bill: $336 give or take (give or take $112 per month)

    The Patreon bill: $79.32 for 3 months ($26.44 per month)

    $48.25 of $415.32 Donate Now
    Website Payment for 07/01/2021

    This goal is to keep the website going. The goal is for the website yearly.

    $0.00 of $50.00 Donate Now